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Avera Addiction Care Center

Sioux Falls, SD

Avera LOGO 2.png

Avera Addiction Care Center is a department of Avera Behavioral Health. The center is located on the Avera on Louise Health Campus, in Sioux Falls, SD and features a park-like setting and private tree-lined drive. This 25,000+ square foot residential treatment facility is for adults addressing drug or alcohol addiction through a 28-day voluntary recovery program focusing on addiction treatment. The facility consists of two, one-story buildings designed to offer a comfortable, home-like environment. Every space is designed to be purposeful. 

The first building, “The Gathering Place” encompasses program functions including treatment offices, exam room, meeting rooms, meditation room, group dining and a variety of unique gathering spaces for large groups or one-on-one conversation. “The Lodge” is a 32 private bed residential building including four medical stabilization rooms and supporting nurse work areas, a fitness center, a centering room, business center and common living areas. The design is flexible, allowing a few rooms or an entire wing to be separated by gender.

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