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Flandreau, SD

Avera Flandreau Hospital

The Avera Flandreau Hospital & Clinic’s mission is to improve the health status and deliver the best customer experience to the people they serve.  To continue to meet their goals in providing highest quality patient care, leading medical technology, and competitive pricing for its patients and the community they serve, hospital leaders executed a total renovation and upgrade to its existing facility in Flandreau.

The Avera Flandreau Hospital & Clinic underwent a $7.6 million phased addition and remodel.  The first phase of construction consisted of a new clinic addition with 12 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, three physician offices and combined hospital/clinic administration space.  It also included shared laboratory and radiology diagnostic spaces and emergency department.  The second phase was a remodel to  the existing 1940 and 1965 buildings and bring up to date amenities and systems to improve patient care needs, technology, medical equipment, MEP systems and information technology.

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