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Custer State Park:
State Game Lodge Event Barn

Custer, SD

It was hiding in plain sight. In our free time, while on site for a two-day design charrette for multiple projects throughout Custer State Park, we walked the property of the State Game Lodge and through an existing barn used as a storage space for jeeps offering park tours. We recognized immediately the potential of the old barn and pitched the concept of converting the space into an event venue. The State Game Lodge Event Barn was born and is now a premiere event venue in the park. 

The existing timber frame structure was upgraded, and dormers added to the roof. New wood siding, trims, windows and roofing were installed, and subtle architectural elements added to the facade. Outdoor seating spaces and a fireplace connect with the scenic beauty of the park. Mechanical and electrical systems were installed to serve the events, but the rustic interior was preserved and emphasized to keep the inherent charm of the space. 

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