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Dakota State 
University Trojan Center

Madison, SD

The Trojan Center is Dakota State University’s student union, the primary social gathering spot on campus. It contains a student lounge, gaming area, offices for student services including the Student Success Center and Residence Life Services, the only full food service on campus, a convenience store, conference rooms, and the university bookstore. The addition and remodel spaces are designed to communicate the university’s identity for integration of technology, enhance student and visitor experiences, and create a modern expression that is appealing to today’s students. 

College Friends

Trojan Zone

Elements of university identity, student social life, student services, food services, and student recreation were examined with the administration and students. The design responds by creating a landmark entrance, resolving many longstanding internal circulation issues by creating spaces that are intuitive for students and visitors and adding easily identifiable wayfinding elements throughout, and provides comfortable spaces that encourage social interaction.

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