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Fresh Produce (Marketing Firm)

Sioux Falls, SD

A funky little advertising agency and production studio moved to the big city from the Brandon suburb.  The design team transformed a downtown historic building that formerly served as a furniture store into a full-service, client-focused studio. 

Fresh design ideas for the renovated space focused on creative energy, flexible space and consideration of the historic building.  To inspire creative energy, work space is organized as an open plan studio.  Naked walls allow for client work and art display.  Various materials such as chalkboard, cork boards, magnetic steel, and recycled rubber flooring used as a tackable surface, and cover work spaces. 

Flexibility occurs in moveable workstations and multi-purpose rolling doors.  Historic elements of the space were preserved to maintain architectural context.  The design plays with the use of exposed wood beams and columns.  All wood floors were preserved.  

Additional studio spaces includes Pixel Box - a dual video editing studio; a soundproof voice-over control room; and a conference room, cork wall surfaces and audio-video presentation equipment. Finally, the project includes two artist studios with loft storage, work sinks, and chalkboard doors.

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