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ramble on.

design is a muscle that must be exercised.

 A Ramble is a place where you can ask design a question and not have to worry that it'll talk down to you.

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Our Design Ramble is a way to allow clients the time to have their visions heard. At Perspective, we believe that design shouldn't feel exclusive, because it is a vital part of the human experience. 

Electric Guitar

Why Call it a Ramble?

When asked where rock & roll came from, famed American musician Levon Helm points to the Midnight Ramble, a series of intimate parties-turned-jam sessions in which audience and performer alike turned themselves over to the creative energy of live music, and left feeling spiritually rejuvenated, hopeful, and inspired.

Rather than rehearsing in some isolated and stale music studio, Helm and his contemporaries were exercising their musical muscles in an open, energetic, and welcoming environment. They knew that ultimately technical mastery doesn't count for much without inspiration, and that inspiration barely ever strikes in a vacuum. It comes from an open exchange of ideas — whether musical or architectural — in a friendly space.

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The Design Ramble

A Design Ramble is a valuable visioning tool. It's a highly energetic and interactive planning event where the design team works directly with the appropriate stakeholders to explore potential design options.

Rambles can often be two day affairs, consisting of planning reviews and design working sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to explore the project aesthetic, and begin to arrange the functional program spaces into conceptual floor plans.

The process builds upon all of the data and resources collected by client and Perspective, and shapes it to a point where the vision of the project can be clearly understood.

The Design Ramble is where we discover a project's soul.

-Review the vision statement, collected data,   critical information, and major areas of concern.
-Verify and refine the functional program.
-Develop preliminary conceptual designs.
-Review visual dialogue imagery to determine     aesthetic preferences.
-Develop a preliminary probable cost.

visual dialouge example copy.jpg
visual dialouge example copy.jpg

Key Activities

We don't always just Ramble with clients, either. Sometimes we throw a Ramble with our artist, designer, and student colleagues in the community, as well. Just for the fun of it.

Unlike Levon and his friends, we don't typically hold our Rambles at midnight. Though there's a first time for everything.

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