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Paradigm Carbon

Yankton, SD

Estimated Completion Date: 2024

Paradigm Carbon specializes in the custom moulding of carbon fiber to create one-of-a kind rifles. Perspective designed this new 40,000 square foot production facility located in Yankton, SD to serve their growing business. The program includes the production floor, offices, and a conference room, along with the associated storage and support spaces.

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The design is simple and modern, yet visually striking. The exterior is constructed of load bearing insulated architectural precast concrete panels. A unique linear pattern inspired by the woven construction of carbon fiber sheets is formed into each precast concrete panel. The entrance is framed by contrasting precast panels. The main lobby’s floor to ceiling windows and the clerestory windows around the perimeter allow natural light to filter deep within the building.All of the materials are selected to be durable and low maintenance.

05-10_Monument Sign SE.jpg
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