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design that serves.

who we are

Since 2007, the Perspective team has been working side-by-side with clients to bring their projects to life. Our experience includes health care, hospitality, education, and corporate building projects in and around the Midwest. As a smaller firm, we can provide the personal attention and understanding projects & clients deserve.

We believe creating a space for people to gather — whether to rest, eat, work, or recover — is a personal experience. And having a consistently unique perspective comes from knowing exactly where to place yourself. Perspective places itself on the ground, with the people it serves, and builds from there. 

To us, it's more than lines on paper. It's about giving your story life.


At Perspective, design is not mysterious or out of touch. We'll place ourselves on the ground, create a foundation, and build from there with the people we serve.

Design shows up early and pays attention. It isn't afraid to ask questions, and sometimes it hangs the doors.

who we serve

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