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the roundhouse revival


Long before Perspective stepped foot in the doors the building served as a two-bay engine roundhouse for the Illinois Central Railroad. After nearly 60 years of service, it  was sold  in 1978 and became an auto repair shop and salvage yard. Perspective acquired the space in 2013 and began the process of renovation.  After all of its years serving a multitude of different industries, it was in need of a touch up.

We wanted to keep the historic look and feel that makes this space so unique, but give it modern touches and use it to inspire the work we do. Its distinctive angle to the street, near downtown Sioux Falls matches the perspective we try to take with every project. High ceilings and large windows flood the studio spaces with natural light  and views while keeping the original roundhouse look intact. Our loft is just one of the spaces  where comfort and relaxation are encouraged. The library is constantly evolving to contain the most up to date design materials, swatches, and textures. It's a one of a kind space surrounded in history where you'll instantly feel right at home.  

perspective office3.jpg
Interior View of Roundhouse Doors to be Restored.jpg
Existing Illinois Central Roundhouse #3.jpg
Interior View or Illinois Central Roundhouse.jpg

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