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Western Mental Health Center
Western Mental Health Center

Marshall, MN

Western Mental Health Center is located in Marshall, MN and is one of five offices serving the region. Their mission "is to promote and advance mental health, to treat persons with mental health or related needs, and to provide collaborative and educational services to the community." This project renovated portions of an existing 7,200 sf medical office building and added nearly 14,200 sf in a two-story addition. The addition created space for new reception and waiting areas, more than 25 offices, 3 exam rooms and nurse work areas, along with lab and pharmacy service areas. 

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The design is comfortable and welcoming, while incorporating necessary privacy and security features. Careful planning aids staff efficiencies and client experience. The building is designed to be flexible and accommodate potential future expansion in multiple directions. The challenging site maximized parking availability while still allowing open areas for growth. 

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